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Centre Reopens for 2018
January 8th 2018

Public Holidays and Special Events

Australia Day
-                             Friday  26th January 2018
                                                          (centre closed.)

Water Safety Talk -                         Thursday 22nd Feb 2018
                                          ('Northern Stars' Swim School)

'Clean Up Australia' Day                  Sunday 4th March 201 8

First Parent Meeting -
  14th March 2018 at 7pm

Easter HAT Parade -            
Friday 23rd March - Thurs 29th March 2018
Good Friday -                                Friday 30th March 2018

                                                           (centre closed)

Easter Monday -                           Monday 2nd April 2018
                                                                      (centre closed)

MATILDA's FARM                Friday 13th April  

Anzac Day -                                 Wednesday 25th April 2018

                                                           (centre closed)

Newsletter due -                 Week beginning 9th April 2018

Mother's Day -                    Sunday 13th May 2018
                       (surprise crafts made the week before)

visit -     Thursday 1st March 2018  
                              -  week beginning 14th May 2018

'RECONCILIATION WEEK' - week beginning 27th May 2018
Queen's Birthday                      Monday 11th June 2018

                                                        (centre closed)
Mobile Dentist visit
                   Thurs 14th June 2018

PETER MORGAN- 'Music for kids' session DHARAWAL language
                               Mon 25th June '18

Fire Engine visit
                             Friday 27th June 2018
                                        (co-incides with our 3-monthly FIRE DRILL)

Newsletter due                  Week beginning 2nd July 2018

Father's Day -                    Sunday 2nd Sept 2018
2nd Parent Meeting -                 12th Sept 2018 at 7pm
Newsletter due -                Week Beginning 24th September 2018

PETER MORGAN- 'Music for kids' session MAORI language
                               Tues 25th Sept '18

Labour Day                                Monday 1st October 2018
                                                            (centre closed)

  Oct 2018 at 11.30am  

Preschool PHOTOS             
Wed 24th Oct and Thurs 25th Oct 2018

Woonona PS  excursion           TBA - please wait for excursion notice (estimated Oct -Nov 2018)             

EYE Testing (4yrs)                     TBA November 2018

Water Safety Talk            TBA Nov 2018
                                 (Northern Stars Swim School)

Newsletter Due                Week beginning 3rd December 2018

Graduation Party                      Thursday 13th December 2018
Xmas Party                              Thursday 13th December 2018 (6pm)
                                                               Held at venue: FRATERNITY CLUB
                                                                                in Fairy Meadow

Last day
                                               Friday 21st December 2018                              

Centre Reopens for 2019

January 7th 2019

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